Andrew & Mié Wiesner Wedding, Kelvin Grove, Cape Town

What a special wedding of a very special couple.  Andrew and Mié met when their fathers worked on a naval project in the USA.  With Andrew coming from South Africa and Mié from Denmark, they knew courting was going to be quite difficult.  After they both moved back to their respective countries they kept the relationship going, but the distance between them eventually caught up with them.  But fortunately, after a while, Facebook helped to negate this distance, they started dating again, and this is where it all ended!

 The groom and his “boys” were quite busy readying the hall the morning of the wedding.

The "boys"readying the hall

The “boys”readying the hall


This sign welcomed the guests to the Palmyra room at Kelvin Grove where the ceremony was beautifully led by minister Sven Steffens.


After the ceremony the guests awaited them on the staircase where they blessed the newly-weds with soap bubbles on their way out.

The guests then enjoyed pre-drinks and canapés on the balcony of The Pavilion, and when they moved inside they were greeted by the site of beautifully set tables and a stunning wedding cake.

Table being set

Beautifully set table

Wedding cake

The speeches included congratulations from Mié’s family, and even her grandmother made a speech in Danish, which she had translated into into English and copies printed for all the guests so they could follow her.

A very interesting part of the wedding was the custom that, when the groom leaves the room, all the men should run around the bride and kiss her on the cheek.  Similarly, when the bride leaves the room, the ladies get up and kiss the groom.  Furthermore, when the guests ring the glasses with their cutlery, the couple should kiss each other, and when the guests stomp their feet, the couple should go under the table and kiss (fortunately for them this didn’t happen too often!).

Andrew and Mié opened the dance-floor to the sound of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”, after which the dance music continued.  There weren’t too many dancers in the crowd, but even though the guests didn’t dance on the floor, they all tapped their feet and moved to the beat in their chairs.

We wish Andrew and Mié a long and happy marriage, and may you be very blessed!

DJ Gert with Andrew & Mie

DJ Gert with Andrew & Mie

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Photographer: Delphine Abdulla – D-PIX Photography

DJ: DJ Gert


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