Leo & Simone Kerwan Wedding, Towerbosch, Knorhoek, Stellenbosch

On a fantastic autumn day Leo and Simone did their vows at this tranquil setting in the heart of the Stellenbosch mountains.  On advice of the photographer the whole wedding was moved an hour earlier to ensure she got the “golden hour” of light in order to take stunning pictures of this beautiful bride (and groom for that matter).

After some “plaasbord” canapes (consisting of freshly baked bread, jams and cheeses), a couple of family pictures were taken. The bridal couple then left with the photographer, whilst the guests moved into the restaurant where the festivities started in all earnest.

Once the couple returned, a starter of soup was served, after which the speeches were taken care of.  Then the main course was served, followed by desert.

The program ran a bit late and dancing only started around half past 9.  Leo and Simone opened the dance floor with “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts, the same song on which she entered the ceremony.  After the garter and bouquet toss, the dancing started with a playlist consisting of a good dose of 80’s rock as selected by the groom, intermixed with a few oldies and some current hits.  Dancing continued until 12 when DJ Gert was politely told to turn off the music.

Simone & Leo Kerwan

Simone & Leo Kerwan

Thanks to everyone who was there, and we wish Leo and Simone a long and happy marriage.

Dance Playlist

Selected videos playlist (click to open YouTube playlist)

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