SA Senior Ladies Golfers Country Evening

LADIES, LADIES, LADIES!!! What a pleasure to play for ye’all!  I still maintain that the best parties are those where people actually want to party.  And tonight was no exception – everyone of the almost 200 guests present wanted to enjoy the evening.  And what makes it even better for the DJ is the number of requests received – I think I maybe played 6 songs of my choice – the rest were all requests (admittedly I may have played most of them sometime later, but anyway).

Thanks for a wonderful evening.  Hope you all enjoyed the rest of the golf in this beautiful part of our country, and that everyone returned home safely with smiles on their faces thinking about the special memories made.


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  1. What an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME evening ….as always Gert was amazing ….made our evening at the Senior Ladies National Golf Tournament . More than 200 ladies and a few men jumped jived and “j”irated to DJ Gert’s wonderful varied choice of music. The dance floor was full at all times !!! Thank you Gert — have had the opportunity to be entertained by you several times at Parow Golf Club and at Durbanville Golf Club and you just NEVER fail to keep us on the floor until we drop!!!!!!! Thank you so much Tyna Swart

  2. Such a fun evening – the music was foot tapping, lively and familiar. Thank you and all the best for your next gigs.

  3. Soveel Pret en sommer net lekker!
    Dankie dat julle dit spesiaal gemaak het


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